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Business equals risk.  If you own one, operate one, want to buy or sell one, you are going to need a risk analysis.  As in mountain climbing, there are risks, some of which are objective, others that are subjective.  The idea is to recognize those risks that can do you in, or take you out, and manage around those risks to survive and grow.  This is risk management.


If you are reading this you probably have some questions about your business, how it got here, or are wondering how to get it to the next level.  In times of dramatic upheaval and change, all smart businesses re-evaluate their strategic plans.  

  • How do I plan for the next five years?

  • Why don't my managers manage anymore?

  • Should I expand or just keep things as they are?

  • Is now a good time to partner with another company?


Whether you are here because a large competitor moved in across the street, your senior manager was hired away or you feel your company is languishing, you need to talk to someone who has experience.

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